Gaming with my man: Castle Crashers & the bat

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This week I played Castle Crashers again with Rhassz and we made the 3rd episode of our collaboration. We battled some furry white bears while dying way too much and fought against a giant bat while almost dying. 

I love doing the collaboration but decided that I needed some gameplay of my own without Rhassz so invested some time to record a Hearthstone game or two and this will be online later this week. 

I also took some time to research vlogging, I'm really into vloggers lately and I would love to show a bit of my life without the whole playing video games thing. I told you about Julien Solomita about a week ago and I love his vlogging videos so I'll probably invest in a good vlogging camera myself in a while when I have some money to spare (which is really hard when you're having a wedding in 3 months) 

Be sure to check out our Castle Crashers video on youtube here and if you want to stay in touch and see more make sure you subscribe to my channel

I also want to know one more thing. Do you like to watch vloggers or have you ever thought about vlogging yourself? 

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