Youtube Tuesday: Julien Solomita

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It's been a long time since I did Youtube Tuesday but I definitely want to bring it back since I do spend a lot of time on youtube following my favorite people from all over the world. 

I probably won't be doing it every week but every two weeks or so. 

The youtuber that I want to put in the spotlight this week is Julien Solomita. I first got to know Julien in one of Jenna Marbles' videos and later on that they were a couple. At first I thought he only starred in her videos but then I discovered that he had a Vlog channel and I got so excited! 

The thing I love the most about his channel? He just documents things happening in his life whether it be boring or exciting, it's always entertaining to watch. He made me realize that you don't have to have to most interesting life on the planet to vlog and you can talk about normal daily things. He was already vlogging a while when I stumbled across his channel but I think I've watched every video he has made until today. 

I really want you guys to check him (and of course also Jenna) out because 

1. He is a consistent vlogger, even if his day is nothing special, there will most likely be a vlog. 
2. To me he inspires people to live healthy, work out and believe in yourself
3. He makes you realize that him and Jenna are normal people just like us.
4. He's funny and Peach is the cutest dog ever. (So are Kermit and Marbles)

Beside his vlogchannel he also has a twitch channel, a game channel (in which he got Jenna into gaming) and a podcast channel together with Jenna. 

Have you already discovered Julien his vlogchannel? Tell me what you think.
Tell me which youtuber deserves a spotlight moment next time in the comments below!

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