Youtube Tuesday: Jacksepticeye

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Top of the morning to you laddies it's TUESDAY and you all know what that means... We're putting the spotlight on one of my favorite youtubers again and this week that is JACKSEPTICEYE!

Jacksepticeye or also known under his real name Seán William McLoughlin is a 26 year old Irish comedic let's player and vlogger on youtube. His account has been active since 2007 but he didn't break through on youtube until 2012. 

The name jacksepticeye is came forth from a series of personal event in his life. His mom and friend called hem jack when he was young as a sort of nickname and the septiceye was from when he got cut in his eye due to an accident and later on that go infected. Hence his logo which is a green floathing eyeball called Sam. 

He plays quite a variety of games and sometimes collaborates with other youtubers such as Markiplier and Pewdiepie. For me his best videos have to be Happy Wheels and reading youtube comments which he has a lot of. 

I love jacksepticeye for multiple reasons: 

1. He's Irish which means he has the most amazing accent ever
2. He's a good kind of loud, cheerful and can make you happy even in the darkest of times. 
3. He posts two videos every day so lots of new content 
4. He spends so much time and puts so much effort in bonding with his fans. He feels a lot for them and really appreciates everything they do for him so much

Whenever I see him on a panel I always get the feeling that he's still not used to be in front of such big crowds and being well known on the internet, which is adorable and makes him feel so much more human to us instead of a person who makes videos. 

If you need more reasons to watch or subscribe to him go check him out right here: 

Did you already know Jacksepticeye and what do you think of him? 

And as always thank you for reading.

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