Youtube Tuesday: PressHeartToContinue

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Two weeks ago I introduced Julien Solomita to you as one of my favourite youtubers. I hope you all checked him out or subscribed to him to follow his daily vlogging activities. 

This week I want to put the spotlight on PressHeartToContinue. The girl behind this channel is Dodger. (I think she's really pretty by the way)

She has been on youtube for about 5 years now and I've only discovered her about half a year ago. She is a cat mom, an enormous anime lover and gamer (just like me!) Besides bringing us let's plays of a wide variety of games she also streams and brings us anime or game related news. Right now she is engaged to another youtuber called Strippin (who you should also check out) and they sometimes play games together as well. 

The reason why I love her so much is because she plays such a grand variety of game plus she's funny and she brings everything in her videos with so much enthusiasm. She believes in what she does and will always keep you updated on the latest gamer/anime news. 

I would really recommend watching her videos and following her if you're a girl gamer like me who doesn't really have a strict genre of games you like to play. 

You can all follow her or check out her videos on het youtube channel, stream (you can check the stream schedule on her website) or check out her vlogchannel and twitter

See you all in two weeks for a new youtube tuesday!

Do you already know Dodger and what do you think of her videos? Tell me in the comment below!

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