Youtube Tuesday: Markiplier

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I'm so sorry for not posting a Youtube Tuesday two weeks ago but everything has just been so busy with the wedding that I know have to schedule some time in the evening of weekends to write my blogposts. 

But enough about that. It's time for our favorite Youtuber of the day with this week MARKIPLIER! 

Markiplier was born as Mark Edward Fischbach in O'ahu Hawaii and started his youtube career in May 2012 with the serie Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Now he plays a wide variety of games appaeling to a large audiance and has over 11 million subscribers. 

He does a lot of acitivies for charity such as livestreams and give out donations to them. 

I discoverd Markiplier about a year ago and stayed because: 
- He appaels so a broad audiance
-He is incredibly clever and funny
- He has an amazing voice to listen to, it's powerful and very pleasing to your ears. 
- He does some wonderful collaborations with other youtubers such as Jacksepticeye, who was the last Youtube Tuesday post, Pewdiepie, GameGrumps and many more
- You can feel that he is down to earth and kind and that he really likes his viewers and subscribers. 

If these aren't reasons enough for you to just click the subscribe button on his channel than maybe this video will convince you. 

Did you already know Markiplier and did you like his videos? Tell me in the comments below!

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