My first homemade smoothie!

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I love smoothies but I have never made any smoothies myself since I think that I don't have the inspiration to make wonderful smoothies but since a lot of my friends have tried it and loved it I thought that it's time for me to jump on the smoothie train and make one myself. 

I drink quite a lot of smoothies but all of them are store bought and after seeing a program on tv here in Belgium called "over eten." or "about food" I discovered that smoothies and especially those not homemade smoothies aren't that healthy after all. You're suppose to eat 3 to 5 pieces of fruit a day and in that program they showed that there are about 15 tot 20 pieces of fruit in those smoothies and that they contain more sugar than a can of Coca Cola. That was the moment were I said to myself 'Hold on, I think I'm going to stop buying those things.' but I didn't want to ban smoothies out of my life at all. 

My solution. I started searching online for more healthy smoothie recipes with less pieces of fruit, low fat yoghurt bases or even almond milk or coconut milk bases. I found some great videos on youtube from The Domestic Geek. She loves smoothies so much and gives great recipes! I also discovered a new show on one of our Belgian cooking networks that promotes healthy food and gives great alternatives on food that is usually packed with carbs without losing any of the good taste. 

My smoothie today is based on one of the smoothies in that program. I contains just 4 ingredients and it is delicious and very healthy. (you could always add more ingredients if you like but I don't feel like I needed to)

- 1 cup of almond milk 
- 1 frozen banana
- 1 hand of spinach
- 1 teaspoon of honey

First add the liquid to get the blender going and just put everything else in the liquid and turn on the blender! It seems a bit weird because it has vegetables in it but I swear you don't taste the spinach at all and it gives the smoothie a bright green color. 

I also got this cute mason jar with ear, lid and straw for this occasion. So here was my breakfast: coffee and a smoothie.

Do you have any experience with making smoothies and where do you get your inspiration from? 

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