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Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I've had a short holiday with my husband for our one year anniversary to Stockholm. I'm glad to be back in Belgium even though I had an amazing four days in this wonderful city. 

We left on the 5th of May at 6.30 AM to the airport of Zaventem in Brussels to catch our flight at 10 AM with Scandinavian Airlines. The journey to the airport early in the morning on a workday is always tiring since there are constant traffic jams in Brussels but we finally made it and on time. Since we always travel to the airport by car I reserved a parking spot at one of the parking lots at the airport itself.
Stockholm is just a 1 hour 55 minutes flight away and the flight just flew by until I woke up from the feeling of the descend of the airplane. We took the Arlanda Express from the airport to Stockholm Central, which is a high speed train that takes about 20 minutes to travel from Arlanda to Stockholm. After that we figured out how the subway works and took it to the Ericsonn Globe where our hotel was located. After resting for some time and unpacking our bags we went back to the city and decided to discover Södermalm. 
We went to some of the vintage and retro stores in the west part of Södermalm and we also paid a visit to the Beyond Retro store in Zinken. I didn't really find anything since most clothing was more 70's and 80's clothing but it was worth browsing these stores since you never know what you'll gonna find. Ignace also browsed around for the perfect cap since he lost his a while ago in Ghent. The weather was wonderful on Friday but this also meant that every bar, diner and restaurant was booked and we didn't find any place to have a drink or some food in the city. So we went back the Globe and found a McDonalds at the shopping center just a short walk from the hotel and had drinks at the bar for the rest of the evening. 
We started our Saturday quite relaxed by missing breakfast and went straight for Slüssen to visit Fotografiska, the photography museum. Sadly I don't have any pictures of the inside of the museum since there was no photography allowed. There was an exhibited of the great Patrick Demarchelier. 
After Fotografiska we walked the entire way to Gamla Stan, the old part of Stockholm. I was absolutely in love with Gamla Stan, the style of the architecture and the cobblestone paths where just breathtaking. 
Our last stop for the day was a long walk back to Södermalm to the Daisy Dapper store. I absolutely wanted to visit this store since the original Daisy Dapper lines are very hard to purchase in Belgium and I just love to walk around retro stores. I bought a new wiggle dress, which I will review for the blog of course, a pair of What Katie Did retro seamed stockings and a harmonica for Ignace. 
For that evening I had made a reservation at the Melt Bar, which was a recommendation from Miss Victory Violet and I couldn't thank her enough for writing about it on her blog. 

We had to search quite a while for it and it wasn't until the hostess opened the door that we found the place, we actually thought we had the wrong address. Quite a stressful moment since you can only be 15 minutes late in Sweden or the give your table away. The Melt Bar is a prohibition bar set in the 1920s with amazing cocktails, breathtaking performances and just a wonderful vibe. The food was exquisit as well. I would recommend this place to everyone who loves the roaring 20s and an amazing time. 
On our last day full day at Stockholm we visited the Vasamuseet and Skansen. I loved Skansen, it was a big flashback to the olden days of Stockholm and the wildlife was great to look at. We even had a close encounter with e peacock. After that we took the subway to the Hard Rock Cafe, by then, our feet and legs were so sore that we didn't want to walk anymore and were glad that we could sit down for a while. Back at the hotel I packed for a while since I always have trouble closing the suitcases and figuring out how to pack everything as small as possible. 
On Monday we panicked a little because it suddenly started snowing in the morning and we were very glad that we didn't really have to go outside anymore. Since our flight was at 15:10 PM most of our day was spend at the airport and in the car back home. 
I was quite glad to get back home and we got welcomed back by our lovely cats Happy and Loki who missed us so much. 

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