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Hello and welcome to Miss Kitty Heart, a blog about all things retro and vintage. 

Who is Miss Kitty Heart?

Well, my name is Shana, retro and vintage lover to the bone. I was born and raised in a tiny town called Adegem by my loving parents together with my sister. I've always been a girly girl but with some rough edges. I was raised with my dad's love of rock music and gaming and with my mom's love of beauty and books. Today these passions are still present in my life, I'm still a fan of rock and metal, I still game a lot but I will always love make up and beautiful clothes. 

My parents always told me to be smart and make wise choises that you think through but I can't say that I've always done this. Some of the most valuable lessons that I've learned in life where the lessons taught from my own mistakes.

Through these years, on my way from troublesome teenager to (still troublesome) adult, I got into the world of blogging, vlogging, youtube and other things and I've learned myself how to make my own blog and youtube channel while learning so much from others, even today. But truly the most important thing that I've learned through all these years is to dream big or go home and to really go after those dreams that seem so unreachable at first. You never know when they will come within your grasp. 

Today I still live in a tiny town in a cosy appartment with two cats (I will always be a cat mom) working a fulltime job and being a real adult, I still call myself a reckless person who sometimes takes unnecessary risks and makes a lot of mistakes but I have a wonderful husband to help me along the road and guide me to the right path.

The rough edges of my being and the parts that make me stand out in the crowd will never disappear they made me to the person I am today and wouldn't trade myself for another, not for anything in the world.

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