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The sixth of May just keeps creeping on closer and closer and everything is coming down to those final touches and to do's for the wedding.
It's less than two weeks away and those healthy nerves are starting to catch up with me. Yet Rhassz seems to be unaffected by it and tends to get annoyed when someone reminds him that he's going to be married in less than two weeks. I do admit that it is quit annoying to hear those same sentences from colleagues about 20 times a week besides asking how nervous I already am.. 
I've even been having weird dreams/nightmares about the wedding such as tearing my dress, forgetting my shoes at home, Rhassz oversleeping, the car breaking down, getting at city hall at the wrong hour. Things that probably wont even happen because I have a whole team of family who is going to make sure everything runs smooth on the day itself. 
I can't believe that this picture is already two years old.. and even after two years this is still the lockscreen on my iPhone. I do am kind of proud that and I have no idea why.

I am glad to say that everything really is going according to my plan. My table decorations are completely done and I must say I love them. I've already considered just hanging them in my hallway after the wedding (even though Rhassz will actually just do that for me). And all table cards for the guests have arrived so I'm quite on schedule.
The only few things I'm really nervous about is the time schedule for the day itself and the fact that I haven't seen my wedding dress in 2 weeks and I'm not going to get to see it again until the fifth of may. I've given the important task of collecting the dress from the boutique to my sister since she is still at home with tiny Finn.

It struck me how much I've had the same thought over and over again in the past few days. "I'll be Rhassz his wife in two weeks, no, even less than two weeks." and I thought it would scare me a little bit as the date came closer but it doesn't. Every time that I have that thought I just get really excited and can't wait for the day to come. 

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  1. I am so looking forward to the wedding and I love how you've set up a theme :D Excited!!!! xxx