The Kennedy by Hell Bunny

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A good two weeks ago I ordered this gorgeous 5Os skirt from Hell Bunny on the Topvintage Retro Boutique. I love a good basic swing skirt and loved the plaited detail and buttons on this one. I doubted the fact that I would be able to wear a pettiecoat underneath it since the skirt has quite a broad waistband. 

The fabric is lovely as well although it felt thinner than expected but this makes it also perfectly to wear during the summer. The fabric is 95% polyester.

I was entirely right about my doubts when it came to the pettiecoat. It just looks really weird when I put one underneath is so I'm going to search for a stiff underskirt to wear underneath is as an extra layer. 

My husband still needs some practice on his photography skills so he will be taking my pictures as well for my blog posts.
It is a very versatile skirt since it's black so you can wear it with a lot of different tops and sweaters. 

I love this skirt a lot and it gives a very classy look. 
You can buy the skirt online on the Topvintage Retro Boutique for 39,95 euro.

The complete look:
Skirt - Hell Bunny
Sweater - Primark
Belt - Unknown
Shoes - vintage find

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