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I knew that there was something wrong with my eyes for a few months. I sit behind a screen for 10 to 12 hours a day for work, youtube or blogging and after a few hours my eyes were hurting, dry and I got headaches quite often.

So I decided to go and see an eyedoctor and my eyes get dry because I don't blink enough and the headaches are causes by the blue uv-light that radiates from screens. So she adviced me to get eyedrops to keep my eyes hydrated and glasses to rest my eyes and filter out the blue uv light from screens. 

I had a lot of difficulties to choose a pair of glasses but finaly settled for a more retro pair in a soft brown/beige to match my skintone and keep my features soft.  

The colour looks a bit darker in the pictures. 

I tested them out at the movies wednesday night when I went to see Deadpool (which is an amazing movie by the way! Go watch it) 

I do still have to get used to wearing glasses. When I don't have them on I still feel like I'm wearing glasses and something my etes have to adjust a bit longer than I want but I think this is normal because I don't have to wear them all the time and vecause I'm not used to wearing glasses.. 

Do you like my glasses and do you have to wear glasses and why? Tell me in the comments below. 

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