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I love animals, always have and always will so we, Ignace and I, decided to get two kittens to accompany us in those lonely moments when either of us isn't home and just because we both kind of think that animals and pets are kind of a must in a house.

Kittens or just cats in general was the best option since the place isn't that big and there's a garden but a shared one. Our kittysearch didn't take that long and we got two kittens at the end of september. Our first arrived on the 27th, a tiny three month old female kitten we named Happy and a day later, on the 28th, we got the other one, a two month old male kitten from a farm not far from where my parents live, which we named Loki. Loki was brought to us maybe a bit too early but there was no choice, his mother died a week before we picked him up and he needed love and care.

So meet Happy, our black cat with brown spots and Loki, our grey tiger!

The names come from things we love. Happy is the blue cat from Fairy Tale and Loki is the god of mischief which seemed very appropriate for a cat. They didn't get along that well in the beginning, Happy was already owning the place before Loki arrived and she hissed at him for a few days but now they are like brother and sister.

Today Happy is seven months old and is finally settling down a little, the play time and kitten playing is still in her but it's becoming less as the weeks pass by and Loki is just an attention seeking playing typical kitten that has grown very attached to us and gives little soft bites when he wants to be petted by his humans. I'm looking forward to the moment when the overactive playfullness is going to flatten and it's just going to playtime every now and then because sometimes it's just too much...

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