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Retro & vintage are probably two words everyone knows. In today's day and age they have become so incredibly popular some things have started to go wrong. I think it's very sad that a lot of shops and stores label furniture, clothing, accesories and other things retro or vintage with the result that the prices just go up because of that specific word. But I have to say, personally, I love vintage. The '50s and '60s are incredibly when it comes to clothes and decorations for your house and even though I prefer to wear jeans and a t-shirt every now and then I look at all the pretty "vintage" dresses I have and get one out. Sadly I don't have a lot of money, I still go to school so I'm just poor student I have to skip the really pretty ones from amazing online stores and hope for the best at the cheaper local stores. Yet even if I can't buy the real deal online I still love to look at them. Here are some of my favorite vintage websites. 

Top Vintage Retro Boutique
They say this is Europe's biggest online shop for vintage clothing and I must say they have a lot of beautiful clothes. Every now and then they have a little sale so then it's time for me to start looking since some clothes can be 50% off. The put a lot of time and effort in making beautiful clothes but also in webdesign and the presentation of their products. As you can see in the picture above the site is in Dutch but you have the possibility to change the language to English or German.

I sadly don't own any of their dresses or other clothes but I do know people who own some. The quality of the clothes is very good and they will probably last a good amount of years. I think most of these clothing pieces never get out of style so it's probably worth it spending some money on them. I think they only ship to countries in Europe but you can find all the information on their website.

I love vintage
This is a webshop with vintage clothing from which I already ordered clothing. They are less expensive than Top Vintage but equally as good. The sell vintage pieces from different brands just like Top Vintage but I think the difference in price comes from the fact that they use the lesser known brands that are apparently cheaper. I think they have a very easy website to use. If you want you can shop by decade or just click on clothing. They also spend time on how to present the clothes. You always see the item on a doll but when you click it you can also view some details and see it on a real person 'cause that sometimes looks different.
They sadly only ship to Europe and I think it's even limited to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK. The website on the other hand is entirely in English which makes it easier for those who don't understand Dutch.

Bettie Page Clothing

Bettie Page is one of the most famous pin-up girls in probably the entire world and I don't think it surprises anyone that there is a vintage webshop called Bettie Page. It's probably one of the most expensive ones but the clothes are just so beautiful and cute. I think you can also find some of these clothes on Top Vintage and they're usually the most pricey ones.

It's an easy store to browse, they have a lot of different categories, sales and so forth and it's completely in English and they ship world wide.

I also discovered a new one lately, thanks to my friend Valérie from Scribbles of Valérie  it's called Shabby Apple I haven't really browsed around that much on it but I can already say I love it. By the way, Valérie is giving away a gift card from Shappy Apple, be sure to check it out

I think most of these clothing pieces never get out of style so it's probably worth it spending some money on them. Much love!

How about you, do you like vintage? And do shop or look a lot on stores like these? You can share your thoughts in the comment section

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  1. I looovvee vintage as well . I have been loving a store named Kintage , I had a gift card from them but cray cray shipping is stopping me to buy some!
    Noor @ Noor's Place