I'm getting married!

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I have some wonderful news for all of you! I AM ENGAGED! and so in spring 2016 I shall be Ignace his misses and I'm very excited about it! I did see it coming a little bit because we talked about getting married amongst other things but not this soon. I'd expect that he would wait for it a while longer at least until I moved in with him and for someone who isn't such a romance man he did a great effort and it was perfect in our own little weird way.

We always talk to eachother about what a weird but good couple we are and I thought about it and it's true. Ignace truly says a lot of things to me that I don't mind at all but that would be perhaps a little offensive in other couples relationships and his collegues definitely did not except some of the dirty mouthing that came from my side but I think we're perfect and Ignace knows exactly what I want which he showed once again in my engagement ring, it's simple but beautiful and not too extravagant.

And we already choose a couple of things for our wedding. It was already predecided that it was going to be a rockabilly wedding with the matching dress, bridesmaid, hair, make-up and everything. We both love that style so much so why not and so we brainstormed a bit already and got some great ideas of our own but I also created a Pinterest board on which I started collecting pictures and ideas which all of you can follow. And I think that that is all for now and I'll keep you all posted on any wedding related stuff from now on. I kind of have to, it's my duty.

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