Rock around the clock 06.05.2016

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From now on I am officially a mrs. I still kept my own last name but I do love the sound when someone says my husbands last name. Which I will not tell you. (Sorry everyone)

It's funny how a lot of married people told me that the wedding itself is wonderful but you don't really enjoy it as they tell you to because you have to be beautiful and shake hands all day but I can tell you different. I enjoyed this day so much even with all the stress of getting ready and getting everything perfect. Everything got especially stressful since Ignace was half an hour too early at my parents' house and I still had to put on my dress.. But my sister kept him outside until I was ready and my mom even shed some tears when we saw each other. 

Thank you Robbie for the wonderful collage
My dad arranged a Volvo Amazon from the sixties to drive us to the village municipality in Waarschoot, that where we live, and back to my parents' house. The ride itself was awesome, the feel of such a beautiful and old car (I hope that one day I'll have enough money to buy my own oldtimer, preferably a mustang.) The funny thing was that everyone that passed us in other cars waved and smiled at us as soon as they saw that we were getting married. 

In Belgium you have to marry in the village municipality for the law, which is the official wedding with the witnesses that declare that the wedding is real and truthful. The ceremony is quite short though, it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to get married with two very convincing yesses and a lot of signatures on an empty piece of paper. Wedding rings aren't even necessary (we did exchange rings though if you are wondering). A lot of people also marry a second time in the church with a priest but we aren't the religious types so we just stuck with the official wedding. 

Thank you Jantien for this amazing one
We got married in rockabilly style with swing dresses, people in leather vests, greasy razor fades and gorgeous pin up hairdo's and of course with the fitting music at the party afterwards which brought a lot of my family back to the days when they were still younger and would dance the night away. We got a lot of gratitude for still enjoying that kind of music today.

Picture by Arian Ingels, our wedding photographer
I didn't think I'd feel any different or that our relationship would feel any different. But it does. It's a bunch of feelings I can hardly describe but it is different. You have a sense of security that wasn't entirely there before since, to put it harsh, you're stuck to each other forever. You also have a whole bunch of other feelings like being in love got even better than before. 

I don't have a lot of pictures of the wedding and party afterwards but they will come. 
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