New Year - New Hair

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First of all Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all enjoyed yourself and had a wonderful evening with friends and family.

On Thursday the 29th of December I had an appointment at the hairdresser to get my roots touched up in my black and blond that I've been sporting for more than a year now. And I suddenly decided the day before that, that I was going to cut my hair shorter... I've had my long blond hair for about 3 years now and it's not that i've grown tired of them. I love the length to be honest. But lately I've been having a lot of trouble doing my hair. Victory rolls get really hard to do just because my arms aren't long enough to start rolling them at the end of my hair like you are supposed to do and wet sets takes AGES to dry so I usually end up with saggy curls because I ran out of time. On Christmas Eve I spend a good 2 hours on curling my hair with a curling iron and pin curling everything until it had cooled down, also getting the gorgeous front sweep right but after only three hours the curls just dropped. Like they were suddenly thinking "I don't feel like staying in this shape... BYE". I was quite done with that mess. 

I ended up cutting it into a long middy haircut without layers 'cause they just don't work for me. I've got the classic 'U' shape in the back though. I was kind of surprised by how much hair went off, a good 10 cm or maybe even more but I don't have an ounce of regret in me for doing it. Hair grows back, that one of the beautiful things about it.

Thursday evening I was already playing around with it while removing my make up and ended up making a near perfect victory roll in about two minutes. It just blew my mind away how much easier other vintage styles would be from now on for the next months (my hair grows quite fast).

On friday evening I decided that I wanted to try my wet set again for New Years Eve so I got my sponge rollers out again and they stayed in my hair until it was time for me to get dresses. The result was absolutely to my liking, I still have to practice the rolling and brush out a bit more though. It took me over an hour to roll all my hair in foam rollers and about 45 minutes to brush it out the next day. I looked like a poodle at first.

I really hope I can do this style more often in the future and I'm looking forward to buying a good hot roller set so I don't have to sleep with my rollers all the time. I really don't like the feeling while laying down in bed and I can't say that I feel very sexy either. 

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