DIY Hair flowers to perfect your pin up

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Hair flowers have always been a great way for me to style my hair and just finish off a look but I've also always been one of those girls that would rather spend my hard earned money on a new piece of clothing to add to my wardrobe than to buy accessories such as earrings, bangles and hair flowers. Since I need a good solutions for this problem and since I don't always find good hair flowers in the right size or with the right colours I decided to make them myself. 

Making your own isn't that hard so it doesn't really require you to be quite the handy woman. It is a great way to be creative and match the pieces to the clothes that you already own or to create some diversity into your up dos. It takes a bit of time and getting used to but once you get the hang of it you'll be done in no time.
All you need for them is:

- Bobby pins, single/double pronged clip or duckbill clips depending on your personal preference and style you wish to go for
- Fake flowers and petals of all sorts
- Felt
- Glue, I prefer to go for a heavy duty glue that is water resistant so there is no risk of that they will fall apart after a few uses or a hot glue gun, which I sadly don't own yet.
- Precision cutter or scissors
- Wire cutter
I just bought a new bouquet of fake flowers so I started of with cutting all the flowers from the wired stems and sorting them in bags so I can store them easily later on in my box, I like to be very organized when it comes to these things, and I left out some petals and a rose. 
To start with choose the size and desired clip. I choose a double pronged clip since I like the stability that they provide for the felt and flowers. 
To make a good base for the flowers to be glued on you'll need the felt. I choose green since this, in my opinion of course, best represents the stem and leaves of an actual flower. You'll need to cut two circles or other geometric shapes out of the felt depending on how big and what shape your piece will be. I went with rectangles that are close the size and shape of the clip itself.

Place one of the felt rectangles between the clip and add glue in the center of the felt also covering the clip. Place the second rectangle on top of the first so the clip is glued in between them. 

This will your base to glue the flowers on. 
Since most fake flowers come with a fake stem, you'll have to remove it. You can't glue this on a clip with much stability unless you use a glue gun. Don't throw away these plastic bits yet since you can also use parts of this for stability and to make sure the flower has the desired shape. If there is no way for you to glue the flower on without it loosing its shape then you can also glue a small piece of felt on the flower and then glue this piece on the clip so it has a firm base for the glue to hold on to.
I actually took apart the entire rose and glued it back together piece by piece. I did this because there were several heavy plastic pieces between the petals that I didn't want to use. I also chose to wait a few hours halfway the process of putting it back together so that the glue had enough time to dry and harden. 

I usually choose the colours and flowers that I want to use up front but make my composition as I go but you could do it differently of course. 
When you're done clip the beautiful piece that you just made on a piece of cardboard so it can stay upright until it is completely dry and ready for use. I usually wait around 12-24 hours to use it. 

Voila, your own unique hair flower made with love! 

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