The end is here once again

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The end of 2015 and a new year. Time refresh to my blog and make a comeback after being on hold for almost a year. My last post was in february, just shame on me but so many other things have been controlling my year that I couldn't gind any time to spare. So the first resolution for this year: blogging blogging and more blogging. 

But first let's fill you all in on what happened to me in this past year. 2015 was a fabulous year with many many ups and very little downs. I got my first real job in february 2015 as a consultant at Randstad, I can truly say I really enjoy my job and am really happy with it. 
I've met wonderful colleagues who have become good friends today and some of my old friendships came to a vibrant life again. I'm engaged and getting married in may next year so I've been doing a lot of prepping and taking care of important things so everything runs smoothly on the big day. And last but not least my sister is pregnant and giving birth soon

So I can truly say what a year it has been. For 2016 I have some resolutions that really want to stick to thanks to the job that I have and my colleagues. Everyone is kind of a health freak at our office so I joined the club already and I've started to go for more clean food. I want to continue this in the next year and also start to get more excercise in the form of running. I've always wanted more stamina.. And hopefully I can get my husband to be to join me. 

Quiting smoking is a resolution that I've given up on so I'll just pass on to the next one. 

I have always looked up to some great icons in the retro and vintage community and I plan on building my blog around this. My collection of vintage and reproduction clothing is rapidly growing and I need to have an outlet to share everything with the world since I don't have many friends that share my passion for all things vintage. I plan on rebranding this blog to something new but I haven't quite decided on how I'm going to do this. I hope the plans will come to me soon so I can get to working on my dream. 

2016 is oging to be another grand year with lots of love and luck so I can only get better. 

With thus I wish you all a happy new year and the best of luck in the new year. 


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