Adult life and things I'm bad at

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A few weeks ago I talked about some of my bad behaviour when it came to my pets so this week I wanted to talk about things I'm bad at as an adult.

I've been living my adult life for almost a year now I started working and two months after that I moved in with Rhassz and left my parents comforting nest where almost every household chore was done by my mom. Now that I have to do most of the things myself while working full time, blogging and making videos I kind of noticed that I'm actually quite bad at some things. 

I'm bad at managing my household, one week it goes really well and everythings done and then other weeks I'm too tired or busy with too many other of my hobbies that my household is a total mess (and I even don't have any kids yet...) Ironing and dusting are just two of the things that I really like to postpone to another day or even week.

I'm a snooze person. I don't like getting up early or going to bed early so I usually snooze for about half an hour before I get out of bed in the morning and then I have to rush myself to go to work. If I would get up on time every day I would actually have time to properly do my make up and put on eyeliner every day but I just can't..

I often use the terrible excuse that I'm just too tired to do anything. I work 40 hours a week as a staffing consultant and I do love my job a lot but it's mentally a quite heavy job so I do have nights on which I came home and just want to lay down on my couch and watch tv with Rhassz instead of hanging out with friends.

Cooking is great and I love cooking but if I don't want to spend an hour in my kitchen every night preparing food so I just stick to things that can be ready in under half an hour. I do buy a lot of premade meals from the grocery store (my office is next to a big store in which they make fresh pasta and other meals everyday) and I always feel bad about it. But now I also wanted to invest in some food posts so I will work on this one.

I'm bad at doing paperwork or calling companies because there is something wrong with the bill. I always pay everything on time but I often have to search my kitchen and living room to find said bill to pay it. So I have to find a good system to manage everything (which would also be a great follow up post)

But even with all these things I do think I'm doing a pretty good job at being an adult, I'm only 22 years old and I do have lot of things to learn (like getting a good routine) but it's okay. 

What are you bad at as an adult? Tell me in the comments below!

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