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My big dream is to have an entirely vintage inspired retro kitchen. In our current apartment I can't really choose my kitchen cabinets but that isn't going to stop me from trying to decorate the rest of my kitchen as vintage as possible, with a twist of my own. 

Just to show you what I understand as "vintage kitchen" let me show you some pictures that I scrambled of the internet. For me it's all about combining white or grey (neutral colors) with bright colors such as blue, red, orange and pink and items from specific time periods. 

First I though of what colors I wanted, the color that immediately pops. For me this was orange or red but scientifically red isn't an appealing color to have in a room where you have to eat. It reduces your hunger feeling so I chose orange. Even though orange furniture is more difficult to find than red it didn't stop me. 

I have two other things which I had to account for. First was the budget and second was the fact that I can't get chairs with leather seatings. My cats just love to scratch those. After searching websites for a long time I finally chose all my new furniture and got this result after a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Putting furniture together isn't my strong point, the blood and sweat is quite literally. I got quite a lot of cuts from screwdrivers, wood and cardboard. And to tell you a little secret.. it's all Ikea... 

I took these pictures when I got home from work and it's already quite dark then. The kitchen table is usually my workspace for blogging, cosplay research and drawing. Always being accompanied by my lovely cats. This time Happy was on guard duty.
Excuse the ugly litterbox next to the cabinet. I love the orange cross in this cabinet to store wine. It looks so fancy and expensive.
It still needs a lot of finishing touches. We're planning on painting the biggest part of the kitchen orange and a light grey and also hanging wallpaper with orange and grey stripes. I'm still figuring out the color combinations. 

As far as decoration goes I got my CD player replaced by a modern record player with a retro look. It packs a CD player, usb port, bluetooth, FM/AM radio but most importantly a record player so we can finally swing in our kitchen.

My in laws got me a gorgeous lamp that still has to be installed, but it's the exact same color orange as the chairs and made from good old 60's hard plastic. I still need some more wall decorations with a hint to a fifties diner and kitchen utensils that just scream vintage. I'm totally in love with these from SMEG, Brabantia and Russel Hobbs. 

And one day I'll get a gorgeous English stove to cook on. 

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