My hair records

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I always laugh really hard when I hear the words "hair records" because it sounds like someone has some sort of file with all the hairstyles you've ever had. I've seen a lot of these posts over the time that I've been reading and following blogs and I really like them. There's no shame in showing how stupid you were when it comes to bad decision making on the hair department.

I started thinking about it again when I sitting at the hairdresser a few weeks ago, Isabelle who colours my hair always brags about what beautiful long hair I have and then I always think back about all the things I've done with it to ruin it over the past years.

When I was little I had the typical bob with the straight bangs. I think almost every woman that is now in her twenties or older had this haircut when they were young. (I was about six years old in this picture)

After that I decided to let my hair grow and by the time I was eleven or twelve years old I had my typical side bangs and long straigh hair and a year later I cut it all to a short coupe again.

I've had the semi-long shoulderlenght hair for a while with a lot of irregular shapes and lenths that was all a part of the metal/emo look I had then and when I was 16 and decided to shave one of the sides of my head. I actually liked this hairstyle but knew I couldn't keep it forever (I actually don't have any photos anymore of the shaved side but a lot of pictures of where it's already growing back like in the picture below).

By the time I was 18 I let that side grow back to a reasonable length and cut my bangs really short and in a U-shape that is typical for the retro style that I love so much but I even outgrew that and just let everything grow longer and longer again until today whilst colouring and bleaching my hair.

I had incredibly long bleached blond hair with a black stripe trough my bangs to still give it that retro feel when I put them into my typical easy retro updos but over time that pompadour wasn't enough any more for me and I started to try out wet sets.

It seemed that my long hair didn't take wet sets well so after some time contemplating I decided to cut my hair into a long middy haircut. It is now perfect length for a wet set.

Have you had a lot of hairstyles throughout your life? Tell me all about it in the comments below

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