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Now that I am done binge watching Gilmore Girls (7seasons in 3 weeks while working full time at my job) I can focus again on my blog. I needed a little break from technology and writing to clear my mind.

My purse is the most important item that I carry with me all day long. It houses my most important items such as my cellphone, wallet and so on... But I have a bad tendency to use my purse, even the pretty and expensive ones, as trashcans. I'm very much against street littering so when I can't find a trashcan on the street or close by I just use my purse to store it until I finally decide to clean out my purse.

Today I decided it was time again and I saw a good opportunity to show what my purse essentials are, so I just turned my purse upside down and got everything that isn't behind a closed zipper out. 

This black purse is one of my favorites. I purchased it almost three years ago at shoe discount for about 30 euro and I still love it. It's the perfect size so I cant overload it and it goes with every outfit, although I do want some of those gorgeous lola ramona purses from the SS17.

As you can see it's a mess. I usually just throw everything in it. Let's just get the other thing out of the way as well in the mean time. Yes I smoke, Yes I am aware it's not good for you but I would like to skip the comments on it. 

So this is everything that was in there plus a dirty handkerchief but I'm going to spare you and left that out of the image. Of course your wallet is one of the most basic essentials in my purse together with the Greek cats baggy which holds all my loose change.

Topvintage Retro Boutique has given me a lot of great tiny gifts that are now some of my essentials. The purple one is a thin mirror, the pink rectangle is a dust rollers for your clothes and the pink circle is a pocket hairbrush with mirror. In the beige tiny bag I also hold a tiny bottle of perfume, bobby pins in case I lose one, hair ties and a nail file. I break one of my nails in the most weird/awkward of places. 

Some of my other essentials include my MaxMara vintage inspired glasses to wear behind my computer or while watching tv. I don't have to wear glasses because my eyesight is bad but to keep my eyes from getting tired and getting a headache from watching LED screens. My Yves Rocher lip balm with cranberries and almonds and a notebook to take with me when I'm going to the fabric store. I'm planning on making a full circle skirt for myself with my newly bought Singer sewing machine. 

I'm sure other people have other essentials but this usually does it for me. When I'm wearing lipstick though I usually also take it with me. 

What are your essentials to put in your handbag?

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