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I few months ago I bought this lovely dark red Dolores Top from Collectif Clothing. This wonderful top had been on my wishlist for several months but I always doubted purchasing it since I was scared that the sleeves would be itchy and annoying or would stay in place while wearing it.

The Dolores Top is a peasant style top with gathering at the bust and two lovely buttons. So that your curves really stand out. It is a delight to wear to be honest. Every vintage and retro loving girl should own this kind of top. The best part is that Collectif Clothing has brought out a whole new collection of colours and prints for this top this season. Colours at the moment are black, green, navy, red, light blue, lilac and white but there is also a whole collection of prints that match with a ton of other pieces from Collectif. 

Since I still don't have a photographer or haven't had the time to invest into a camera stand you'll have to do with my outfit of the day pictures from instagram. 

The red Dolores Top paired with the Hell Bunny Lighthouse circle skirt

I just love how it looks with almost anything. It can be classy with a cardigan but also were playfull thanks to it's puffy sleeves that you can either wear on or off your shoulders. The possibilities are almost endless in my opinion. It's also a great top to put on and off since it has such a wide neckline and thanks to the handy zipper on the side you can easily slide it on and off without damaging your gorgeous hairdo.

The Dolores Top is priced at 25,50 British Pounds on Collectif Clothing or 34,95 Euro on Topvintage                     Retro Boutique, sizes 6 to 22 and is made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex to fit all our curves.

I will be ordering some more of these wonderful tops in the future. 

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