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Life is full of great news. One of my nephews is having his Holy Communion in May and my Uncle is getting married in June. Which means I have to invest in two new gorgeous dresses for these wonderful events. My search began a few days ago when my mom and sister were already showing off their dresses in our What's App conversations. So I started thinking about what I would want to wear.. A swing dress? A pencil dress? Skirt and top? 

When I couldn't really decide on what I decided that it was time to get some inspiration from my favorite vintage blogger Miss VV. I got some wonderful ideas from her blog and decided that I wouldn't just browse TopVintage for once. These are special occasions and they deserve special clothes. 

The Isabelle dress by Zoe Vine caught my eye but I was pretty sad to learn that it is already sold out and only available in blue, green and yellow. The green and yellow are too bright for my taste and the blue variant with the print isn't festive enough. Although I would love to own this dress for this summer season. 

I went on to the website of Voodoo Vixen and Collectif Clothing to find a few more pretty dresses but I still wasn't convinced to purchase one. This is the selection I made (you can click the photos to be redirected to the website). 

I would purchase all of these dresses if I had the money but sadly I don't and can't really afford any outburst of sudden shopping. Although I did had a tiny outburst on the TopVintage website and bought a summer circle skirt which will be featured on my blog soon.

In the end I decided to wait and keep an eye on my favorite brands and to keep an eye out at the new vintage clothing line by Top Vintage, Vintage Diva Clothing. You can already view some sneak peaks of their brand new designs on their instagram page and on the TopVintage facebook page
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