Bachelorette Day!

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It's still 3 months until I'm getting married but the day we announced that we were engaged my sister asked me if you could organize a bachelorette party for me and my friends. I said it was fine since she knows me very well and knows what I would like to do and what not. But since my sister got pregnant she wanted to host everything before she gave birth so yesterday was the day.

I had no idea what we were going to do the entire day except that I had to be at my mom's house in the morning. Most of my friends and Rhassz' sisters gathered at my mom's house in the morning for a grand breakfast with cava. Sadly it was raining so incredibly hard in the morning that we had to cancel the original plans and had to think of something new to do. 

After breakfast/brunch we went straight for Ghent in the afternoon were Valerie from Moonlit Stories was waiting for us because she couldn't be there in the morning. I got to be a tourist in my own city for once and we took a boattrip with a guide on the river of Ghent. The only thing that disappointed me was how slow this boat was going. (don't mind my face/hair in the pictures I wore a hat almost all morning to protect me from te rain and cold)

After about forty minutes of making jokes and laughing the ride was over and we went to a tea-room to get warmed up before we took of to the station of Ghent to go lasershooting. (I couldn't take any pictures in there) This was the most fun thing ever, I had never done this and we played with the six of us (minus my sister) played against another team of girls and we lost actually but I don't really care about that.. 

Next on was dinner! We went to this lovely small Thai place in the center of Ghent (next to the store where I want to buy my wedding rings) and it was soo good! I had the duck in red curry and it was just spicy enough plus you really taste that everything was fresh. After dinner my sister and some friends headed home and called it a day but some of us headed down to the Limonada, a famous coctail bar in Ghent which has too much choice. 

I wanted to have something special and got a coctail called Magic Box (which literally came in a Magic Box and even had a toy in it). 

I can actually say that this was one of the most fun bachelorette parties ever, I'm no fan of dressing up and doing crazy things or drinking until I don't remember anything so this was great. It was a fun day with all of my friends and that was actually the most important thing for me. I've known some of these people for over ten years and I'm grateful that I'm still such good friends with them. 

And we are definately going to have a after wedding party as well this summer

What would be the ideal bachelorette party to you? Tell me in the comments below! 

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