Cat Confessions Monday

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You already know I have two cats, Happy and Loki, and they are like my babies. I'm a very dedicated cat mom to them but sometimes even that goes wrong. So what better way to start my monday with so here are some cat confessions.

1. We trained our cats like dogs. Rhassz is more of a dog person so he actually invested a lot of time in learning Loki some tricks. He can sit and stand on two legs on command and also retrieve toys when you throw them away. Happy is more of laid back kind of cat that just goes with the flow and almost sleeps all day.

2. I sometimes give my cats things to play with that actually need to go in the trash but because I'm too lazy to get up and throw them away I give it to them, like pieces of paper. Loki loves running after pieces of paper. 

3. I give my cats food that I don't want to eat anymore. I love slices of chicken on my sandwiches but sometimes I forget to put the wrapper around the tray and the first slice gets a bit chewy so I give it to my cats because it's such a waste to throw that away.

4. I get mad at them and then 10 seconds after I'm all cuddly and sweet again. Loki can't go on the desk but even when he does he'll get some love when he gets off so he's probably like if I go places where I can't go I get love so I'll just do it even if they scold me.

5. I won't let my cats go outside but I hate litter boxes. I hate cleaning the litter box so I usually just empty the entire thing instead of scooping out everything and refill it with new litter. (I do spoil my cats way too much)

6. I forget to buy food often so I give them human food and now Loki weighs about 4 kg (all my fault)

7. I use Loki to get warm in bed on cold nights... (this is just... cat abuse)

But even their en my bad moments can't break the bond that I have with both of them and they know I love them so much that I could eat them. 

Do you have some bad pet behaviour? Tell me in the comments below!

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