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Some of you may have noticed, some of you may have not but there is a wedding category in my navigation bar and more than a year ago I announced on blogger that I was engaged to Rhassz. But I haven't posted any updates since. Some of the most exciting things have to stay hidden all these months. 
The picture above really says it all for us. Mutual weirdness.

Today Jan, 11 is less than four months until the big day and I almost have everything figured out. I didn't really realize that planning a wedding was so much work and stress until now. The sleep deprivation I can get over of course but the stress of not having everything ready before the 6th of May is killing me from the inside! 

The wedding is still going to be in a rockabilly theme and  the dress search was menacing, it's really hard to find a rockabilly themed wedding dress in the right length and with the right look in Belgium, if you don't have tons of money to spend on it. So I got a ballgown wedding dress and had it cut to length to really fit the theme. I've never been more happy to cross that of my list.

I have to go back to the boutique on the 13th of february for the next fitting and I'm already excited. I already have to bring my shoes to the next fitting for the length of the dress so I've chosen a classical white mary jane pump from my favorite website Topvintage.
For now I can't give any more updates yet. Tell me what you think in the comment section below. Much love.

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