Monday Confessions: I'm a bad blogger

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I actually felt the need to make an another post confessing things which I'm bad at. This week I want to talk about why I feel that I'm a bad blogger and mostly in which areas I could use some help from a more experienced blogger perhaps. So here are my five reasons why I'm a bad blogger.

1. I left my blog for a year and I miss consistency.
I started my blog in 2013 and it was actually growing and going quite well until I abandoned it in 2015. At the start of 2015 I started blogging less because it was my last year of college and I just started a new relationship and I really wanted to focus and work on those two things but now I feel really sad about leaving everyone here for almost a year and not doing anything with my blog so when 2015 was coming to an end I really wanted to revive everything and get back into blogging because I was missing it a lot. 

2. I'm invisible in the blogging community
I'm invest a lot of time in reading other blogs, mostly beauty, lifestyle and fashion blogs but I don't interact that much with other readers. Mostly because I think that I'll sound naggy and whiny in the comments but I am doing my very best today to actually leave some comments on the blogs that I often read because I know how important it is to interact with other bloggers and your own readers.

3. I can't stick to one topic and build a niche because I'm a weird person
I have a lot of different interest that vary from beauty, fashion and lifestyle to gaming and vlogging. It's hard to combine those elements in one blog so I haven't found my niche yet to focus on and get a good audience going because I don't really want to let go of one of my interests. I want to share it all with you and it's a major issue because I do know that a lot of beauty bloggers aren't the least bit interested in what game I'm playing on my youtube channel right know.

4. I'm not that good with HTML or CSS
This has been a life struggle for me.. There was a period in my life (hello myspace) when I was actually good with HTML but everything has changed so much since then that I actually need help from Valérie (yes, Valérie from Moonlit Stories) to actually help me out some times when it comes to the layout of my blog. I do try to keep everything as minimalistic as possible though.

5. I have tons of draft posts and I schedule my posts and forget to promote them once they're out
It's not that I don't have good ideas to blog about or that I'm having a major writers block but I have a problem with finishing my blogposts. Right know I have about twenty drafts on my dashboard and for most of the posts the entire text has been written down but I don't seem to find the right pictures to go with it so it just stays there. 

The other thing is that I scheduled a lot of my posts. Why you might ask? Because I usually invest two days a week in sitting down and writing blog posts. I have a fulltime job so I have to devide my time betweem blogging, recording for youtube and my husband all the time. So during those few days that I write I finish some posts, re-read them and schedule them for later that week. But I totally forget about it and don't promote them enough on social media (even though I know how important this is!) 

Do you fellow bloggers have troubles with either of the things listed above and what are your tips to avoid these blogger mistakes? Tell me in the comments below. 

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